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    &Nbsp;10 19th, in the afternoon, the third launch in China ceramics industry headquarters ceramic kicks off theatre. In the context of current market homogenization serious, porcelain Board aimed at a shortage of stone cutting, through repeated experiments, successfully developed the 2cm species sandstone tiles. And in this new release, debut, become the focus of media and businessmen. Porcelain plate is clean network reporters in Mr Zhuang Dehui, Director of marketing, interpretation of porcelain brand innovation story.

    Guests interviewed: porcelain Zhuang Dehui, Director of marketing

    &Nbsp;       cleaning network: Hello! Thank you for cleaning network in an interview. Your event theme "Amoy" what?

    &Nbsp;       Zhuang Dehui: I'm "Amoy" are subject to change, develop new products according to consumer demand. "Tao" is because our products are closely related to people's lives. Each manufacturer's product, if we cannot meet the needs of consumers, must be eliminated. "Life" is consumers ' needs are changing. Demand for building materials in the past is very simple, as long as the product is spread on the ground can. Life now requires an upgrade for comfort, nature and environmental protection, in particular environmental protection, green. Previous pursuit of the magnificent, now seek to return to nature. These are wood tiles, stone tiles, antique tiles are becoming more popular causes. Ceramics and live link is the "Amoy".

    &Nbsp;       clean networks: the new products on display, the "new" in what place?

    &Nbsp;       Zhuang Dehui: our new show this year is the species of sandstone, in previous years, the exhibition focuses on promoting the 2cm thick porcelain plates. We promote the 2cm main purpose is to partly replace stone thick porcelain plates, jump out of the ceramic tile industry in the Red Sea. Through equipment upgrading and the introduction of the year, launching new products in 2cm on the principle of —— of "sandstone" series. Sandstone is a full-bodied fabric products, cut, no matter from which angle you can see the texture of the sandstone. Because natural decoration in sandstone, tend to cut a brick edge or chamfer, if not entirely, it will give the feeling of duplicity. Upgraded new product, regardless of where the cut, has a texture of the sandstone itself. We mimic stone, not only to imitate the texture of the stone itself, but also in terms of performance beyond the stone. In terms of intensity, national standard is either less than 1300N, sandstone up to 8000~9000N, 4 times more than double the normal thickness ceramic tile, is 6 times more than double the strength of natural sandstone, even compared with high strength and hardness of natural granite, also 1~2 times higher, which means that 2cm strength of the porcelain plate is equivalent to 4~6cm the strength of the stone. Changing textures and texture of the sandstone with natural sandstone, but natural sandstone high intensity, uniform color, not suction easy cleanup, these advantages in practical applications will bring real benefits to consumers.

    &Nbsp;       cleaning network: How do these new technologies and new processes is how to do it? What design philosophy is?

    &Nbsp;       Zhuang Dehui: our design philosophy is green and environment-oriented. In the field of porcelain plates, mainly divided into two directions. One was thin, and the other is thick. These two directions out of the original tiles the fierce competition in the field, aimed at the professional market. We adjusted to rival stone is due to stone in the process of environmental pollution and damage is serious, the recycling of waste has not been fully. Alternative natural stone sandstone, to reduce environmental pollution. We joined the 25%~40% tailings in the body, not only to recycle tailings, waste, green production and the production process, recycling waste water, waste gas, and waste. From the environmental point of view, truly green, environmentally friendly.

            Cleaning network: 2013 market is relatively cool in the brand's new product development and production, how do you deal with? Where is your confidence?

    &Nbsp;       Zhuang Dehui: tile market grows slowly in these two years, but as long as the product has a unique selling point, can offer consumers more companies have done very well. Gani ceramics introduced "marble" series, pessimism in the industry, and welcomed by the market. Gani ceramics has grown into a special and medium enterprises. There is just a small business, our goal is to make, to do fine, does not seek to satisfy anyone, but to target the most suitable for our niche markets, such as curtain walls of the villas, large hotel, upscale Plaza in 2cm porcelain do fine and strong. We invest a great deal of effort in product development and finance, and domestic and foreign well-known ceramics Research Institute and establish close cooperation, introducing world-class equipment, design and technology. In the field within the special and professional markets.

    &Nbsp;       cleaning network: in this new release, what are your new products in the Chinese market promotion strategy? How to let more consumers accept new sandstone?

    &Nbsp;       Zhuang Dehui: there are five kinds of promotion channels: the first is through the successful engineering sales lead market; the second is to participate in the exhibition, such as ceramic sanitary ware exhibition, the exhibition of terracotta; third in the country, designers, experts of the joint industry promotion; finally, cooperation and high curtain wall construction company; the fifth was the media and advertising.

            Cleaning network: to participate in this new Conference what is the greatest feeling? What are the recommendations?

    &Nbsp;       Zhuang Dehui: this new Conference is very new, and very creative. New products on display, and each has its own characteristics. In terms of products, our company has more than 50% products are original. But the original does not mean to be made up, our products follow the principles of 2/8, 80% product is acceptable to the average consumer, 20% products are unique. We hope to have more chance to shine, and peer exchanges and learn more.

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